Is Mathieu van der Poel The GOAT? Watch and Decide

Mathieu van der Poel spend a fistful (plus one) days in the legendary yellow jersey last week at this year’s Tour de France. It was the multi-talented, 26-year-old Belgian’s first try and he impressed and sent fear into his rivals.

While he certainly wasn’t going to wear yellow on July 18th across the Champs-Elysees this year it was also no secret that he was indeed going to drop out of the three-week race anyway after the first week to focus on his primary goal: an Olympic gold medal in mountain biking, to add the cherished Gold to his collection of World, National and World Tour “Monument” medals. While his fellow Tour riders were only riding road in their Tour lead up, van der Poel was also doing some time on his mountain bike in early June. Check out this amazing POV video from the multi-time champion of all cycling disciplines.

Is he the GOAT like we’ve never seen before in cycling? Will he win Gold in Tokyo on July 25 (or 26th if you’re in Japan)?

Take a look and decide.

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  1. Jeff vdD says

    While the Belgians would likely take him, MvdP is most decidedly Dutch.

  2. southcarolinamtb says

    crazy skills. really good. so how does one explain the error on course at Tokyo? He’ll return with a mission for the WC’s, I’m sure and good luck to him.

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