Editor’s Letter

Right now you might be thinking, “How can this be an editor’s letter on a website? This isn’t print!”

You very well should be thinking that because we’re not just another website with a bunch of pop-up ads and reviews that read like a paid-for catalog or with interviews containing multiple “buy it now” tabs every time a bike or energy drink is mentioned. This is an Editor’s Letter because we are editors and print is at the heart of everything we love so of course this is an on-line “newspaper weekly,” so to speak. We’re bringing the spirit of the lost art of print to your desktop, tablet and phone like you’ve never seen before.

As our pages unfold before you, you’ll experience dynamic monthly columnists (we don’t call them bloggers), riveting stories with compelling photos, honest bike and gear testing along with the most salient industry news. Why? Because we’re not tied to advertising dollars and their demands. We’re listening to you and giving you what you want, not what some marketing “guru” is paying us to tell you so they can make a sale.

Will we work with marketing departments and influencers throughout the industry? Of course we will. They have the stories with the information you want to hear but we will be truthful and honest in the way we report and decipher their messages, giving you the details you really want and need without any of the bumf you don’t need or want.

Our mission is to be inclusive of all riders, from the staunchest roadie to the filthiest mountain biker. We love commuters, e-bikers and gravel diehards. We will include diverse voices across the entire spectrum of bicycle riding through in-depth features, columnists, interviews, photos and even a rich collection of podcasts.

We have a metric shit-ton of excitement coming your way, so put on your goggles and pull up a seat!  If you love all things cycling and are looking for something different and unique without the usual bombardment of what we know you hate, give us a look, you won’t be disappointed.

Ride well and ride often.

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