A Dog’s Tale

Shimano Original Films has just released a new joint called A Dog’s Tale to put a smile on your face as this week begins. It stars Raven, a 13-year-old retired trail dog who lives a stone’s throw from the Ring Creek Trailhead in Squamish, British Columbia. Raven has spent countless days frolicking on loamy singletrack beneath towering spruces but old age has slowed her down a bit. Now, Raven happily lies in the driveway, watching dog after dog, and their humans, head for the hills. 

This captivating adventure takes us from Raven’s driveway memories in BC through Utah in the U.S., on to South Africa, and back again while in the process meeting some of the feistiest, four-legged trail personalities throughout this journey. Everyone enjoys the mountain bike world in their own way, whether it’s hitting jump lines, lapping through the loam, or setting out to build new trail. 

Watch the video and prepare to smile!

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