Patrick Brady Portfolio

The following links will demonstrate my range as a writer, editor and publisher. They encompass travel pieces, essays, podcast episodes and more.

Media branding:


The following is a feature I wrote about a trip I made to Japan:
88 Temples—Under the Darkness of Depression a Cycling Pursues Zen by Bike. Is cycling religion? A vision quest to Japan’s Shikoku Island reveals some answers.

I drank (okay, got drunk) with some locals in Moldova while on a bike tour and the resulting feature won an award from the Society of American Travel Writers:
My Day With Ilya

I’ve often been told I have a unique ability to articulate the culture of cycling, what brings us together:
The Brethren

I know what it is to have the need to race course through my blood:

This piece cemented my reputation as a philosopher of cycling:
The Well


I moved into podcasting reluctantly, but have produced one of the most popular podcasts in cycling, The Paceline:
#175: Iron Cross, Outride Foundation

I’ve turned some of my magazine features into recorded works for a podcast called The Long Way Home. This one is about a solo cycling tour I did through the Rocky Mountains:
The Long Way Home: Searching for America

I have a deep history of covering frame builders and I did a series of interviews with frame builders and other smart bike people:
The Pull, Ep. 14: Mountain Bike Pioneer Gary Fisher

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