Patrick Brady: Works on Depression

I’ve written rather extensively about my battle with depression. I use the singular, “battle,” because I’ve come to recognize it as all the same disease. My first published work appeared in 2008 at a blog called Belgium Knee Warmers. This post is one of those occasions where the comments are worth reading. Thanksgiving II

I’ve also written about the effects of depression on others. Robin Williams: an Appreciation, For Kelly Catlin

I wrote this feature for Bicycling Magazine about my depression and a spiritual journey I took to address it: 88 Temples

In this essay I use cycling as a metaphor for helping others: The Pull

In this piece I discuss my decision to undergo treatment with Ketamine: Reality Check

My first treatment with Ketamine: A Ride Like No Other, The Stone Giant

About my second Ketamine “K-hole”: If You’re Not Prepared to Love

Writing about my experience is a way to help others: Pigeonholed

I take stock of the changes I see based on my treatment: Set Point

Distance helped me gain perspective on just how depressed I had been: The Regression

In the last piece of the Ketamine series, I take stock of all that I’ve experienced: Returning From the Outer Reaches

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