Notable Work

In the course of my career I’ve published work with a great many cycling magazines and even a few newspapers. What follows are some of the high points from my career. While I’m proud of all the work I turn in, these pieces are a cut above, ones I wouldn’t mind being remembered for. They are in no particular order.

My Day With IlyaPeloton Magazine, October, 2013
Sometimes, the thing to do is to stop and get drunk with the locals. Even if the locals are in Moldova.

88 Temples—Bicycling Magazine, March, 2018
Faced with an unraveling marriage and strained relationships with my sons, and sinking into depression, I went to Japan on a bike tour to ride the 88 Temple Zen Buddhist pilgrimage. The journey helped me find peace.

The Musical Box—Red Kite Prayer, February, 2014
Tribute bands don’t seem like they could really be all that interesting, or could they?

The Introvert: an Appreciation of Neil Peart—Red Kite Prayer, January, 2020
I was a drummer and Peart was a star I steered by. I’ve long thought him and his band, Rush, were misunderstood. His contract was with his creativity, not the audience.

The Science of Whee!—Bicycling Magazine, September, 2016
There’s a reason we feel so good after we go for a bike ride, Our brain pumps out a soup of neurochemicals that send us into our own personal Nirvana. It’s called a flow state.

Stripped AwayBicycle Times, February, 2015
It was just a salad. Seriously. But what a salad.


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