As a high school kid Cush loved the news, religiously turning on the TV at 5 p.m. for the latest updates after reading The Los Angeles Times that morning. This led to a BA in Journalism from CSUF (he wanted to be a TV news anchor). And then came motorcycles and bicycles—he joined the cycling media straight out of college and never looked back, working for top publications and brands ever since.

As a long-time racer, when he earned a Pro license, he realized he was way too slow and now just rides around enjoying beer stops and scenic overlooks as much as possible in Prescott, Arizona.

Favorites: drink of choice: vodka/tonic; beer: Elysian Space Dust; music: any and all heavy metal; comedy: Tater Salad; fiction: Bret Easton Ellis; pet: Easter Sunday the Pussycat.

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