Ask Stevil

Ed. - It has been a minute since we heard from our in-house Dear Abby, so we're happy to have his wisdom back in digital print. This is the feature formerly known as Answers

Coming Attractions

I'm back from my first no-kid, no-editorial vacation I've had since 2008. I needed an opportunity to clear my head and give some deep thought to what we are doing here at

TCI Friday

We all do this right? Even when we are walking down the street, or driving along in our cars, we are looking at bikes. Every rider I pass (or who passes me) I’m looking to

Cultural Lag

Robert Oppenheimer, pictured above, was a brilliant scientist with a specialization in nuclear reactions. He led the team that developed the first atomic bomb for use by the

TCI Friday

TCI Friday works best when you weigh in. Read, respond, relax. As you read these words, I am sitting in a small bungalow in tiny Welsh village drinking a cup of hot,

Paceline Podcast 293

A listener asks if he should buy the light, fast road bike to follow the fast kids on the group rides? John answers, with aplomb. Patrick discusses riding with kids and

Paceline Podcast 292

John takes on the issue of tubeless tires. Is it really that much better? The answer isn't as simple as one might think. And because it's vacation time, Patrick answers a

The Bucket of Truth

The first thing to know is that the bucket leaks. That's the first truth. Pour yourself into it. Give it everything you've got. It won't stay long. Evaporation is an issue.

The Project

I don't know when the project started. Maybe it didn't have a formal start. I just realized at some point that I was working on it. I think a lot of us are working on it and

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