Revolting 95

The Magnum P.I. Opus. Today’s show is about the urge to produce something big, a single work or collection, that expresses everything you’re about, your magnum opus. Will

Revolting 94

The Greatest Shows on Earth. One of the ways you can tell if you’re not living your life right is if you have stopped going to see live performances of music. Today we’re

Revolting 93

Solo Breakaways. We’ve both been on trips this last week, and while we met up with and even stayed with friends while we were away, the travel part was all solo, the

Revolting 92

One Bike, Two Bike, Red Bike, OK, That’s Enough Bikes. So this is a weird one, because we’re recording it BEFORE the MADE bike show, which we are both attending, but it is

Revolting 91

Some Regerts. In Alcoholics Anonymous they say, “We shall not regret the past, nor seek to shut the door on it.” Why they need to use such fancy words is not clear, and the

Revolting 90

Do You Have to Breathe So Loud? This week is about roommates. Good ones. Bad ones. The collaborative chaos of cohabitation, and maybe, the joys of living alone, either as the

Revolting 89

Where the F*%$ is Waldo? Most of us are home bodies who also crave adventure. We hate leaving home a lot of days, but if you’ve got plane tickets, we’ve got backpacks. Today

Revolting 88

Dogs Should Live Forever. We were having a real hard time coming up with a topic this week, because Robot’s dog died on Sunday, and it’s all he can think about. Django was

Revolting 87

A Love Note to Cycling. Riding bikes doesn’t suck, no matter what Stevil says. And some people have real style and grace on the bike in a way that’s inspiring, and so today

Revolting 86

The East Coast – West Coast Beef. This episode is about figuring out which of the Robot/Stevil autonomous units is the correct and original one by dissecting the quality

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