Revolting Podcast 13

This week the guys talk about the funny way the bike industry has of introducing old ideas as new products. They're mad about it, except when it works. They have no interest

Revolting Podcast 12

In this very special episode of Revolting, the guys welcome Amanda K. Bryan, a force of nature and straight talker, who educates them about the problems of sitting on a bike

Revolting 11 Podcast

This week's episode is NOT the one about riding bikes while female. That's out next week. My apologies. This is actually the one about doping, the lure of it, the

Revolting 10 Podcast

This week the guys talk about eating for mediocrity. Robot waxes poetic, rhapsodic, and lyrical about the fine fare on offer at 7-11, and we learn that Stevil has a strict

Revolting Podcast 9

What is dirtbag fitness? Just because the guys don't deal in watts or KOMS, doesn't mean they're not trying to stay capable on the bike and off it. This is a conversation

Revolting 8 Podcast

Parasites. The guys contemplate their places in the hurl and burl of the bike industry. On the one hand, as a pair of aimless, slackers who love to ghost rides bikes into

Revolting 7 Podcast

The guys delve into mental health struggles, their own experiences, and how the bike works as a therapeutic tool. They touch on heartbreak, depression, anxiety, substance

Revolting 6 Podcast

Stevil and Robot just drop the pretense and talk about music in this one. Skateboarding makes its customary appearance. If you like loud, fast bands or just like listening to

Revolting 5 Podcast

Robot and Stevil dig into their crashes, how they felt about them when they were younger, the psychological damage that needs to be overcome, and the worthwhileness of

Revolting Podcast 4

Robot and Stevil talk about going places by bike, all the good places, the weird places. Messengering. Seizures. Playing Tempest at the K-Mart arcade. Trespassing. Mountain

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